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 In Bronnie Masefau’s fifth book, The Meaning of Home – A Place to Belong, readers are in for a treat.

 ‘Home’ is a word that holds much power and this new book takes us on an explorative journey of both ‘self’ and ‘style’.  We each have our interpretation of ‘home’ and layer it with our personal flavour and flair.  

Discover your personal sytle

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Bronnie Masefau is a working mum, wife, business owner and best-selling author. Her design portfolio includes projects throughout Australia and abroad, and she’s passionate about creating spaces that not only look beautiful but help inhabitants lead richer and happier lives.

Book Review

a beautiful home office


Perhaps I’ve seen too many Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and Meg Ryan movies to see the office area within a home as anything other than an inspiring nook of pure decorative bliss.  Having worked from a home office for the past twenty-five years, I can assure you that any time or finance invested into the décor of my little place of work has paid dividends. 

Career Woman

how to move house without the stress


 Interior designer, Bronnie Masefau knows a thing or two about moving. She's relocated 14 times in 22 years, including a big move interstate with her husband, three kids and their pets. Here, she shares her relocation hacks for a simple, stress-free transition into your new home. 

Here's how you can simplify the process

making the most of your business mentor


 So you’ve found someone to be your business mentor. They are successful, further down the career track than you and have agreed to assist you. Compatibility is key to the success of this relationship,  so there’s a few things you can do to get the most out of the relationship and, importantly, get the relationship off to a good start. 

Here's how

10 of the best walk-in robe ideas


 “The most inspiring walk-in wardrobes are those with personality. Getting dressed should be an experience, not a chore. Place items of visual value at eye level, such as bags, shoes, accessories, a tie or a watch collection. Don’t be afraid to display artwork in this space.”  If you’re planning to build a walk-in wardrobe yourself, or construct a flatpack walk-in closet... 

follow these tips to ensure success


covet my coffee table


 ‘Tablescape’ is a rather modern word within the interior design vocab. A ‘scape’ refers to a wide view of a place or area, often represented in a picture – as in landscape, seascape or cityscape. Thanks to the late David Hicks, the famous English interior decorator who invented the word, the beauty of gathering and positioning clusters of objects on a horizontal surface is appreciated as an art form. 

how to style your coffee table

home is where the heart is


 "Home offers us real, tangible, unbridled love, without judgement or shame. This is why I am drawn to it with open arms, hopeful it will take me in and warm my soul," describes interior designer Bronnie Masefau in her new book The Meaning of Home

a heartfelt home

Beautifully laid-out nooks can trick the eye


“Beautifully laid-out nooks can trick the eye into thinking the home is bigger than it actually is,” says Bronnie. “By maximising your floorspace and making your home work for you and your family, you can reclaim those undiscovered nooks, currently disguised as dumping grounds, and unearth a new vantage point.”

Reclaim your home nook

5 style rules interior designers swear by


Bronnie Masefau is an interior designer with 25 years’ experience working within the industry, and her work appears in properties across Australia and internationally. We asked Bronnie to tell us her top five style lessons that she has learned over the past 25 years, and how we can integrate them into our own homes. 

Here are my top five sytle rules


a place to belong


We each have our interpretation of ‘home’ and layer it with our personal flavour and flair. Bronnie believes our concept of home is most shaped by those who inhabit the space with us. “This is why it is so important that we invest time in establishing this foundation,” says Bronnie. “When we engage in this space, we create a base from which we are able to function as our best selves.” 


inspiring through creative design


 Her new book captures the design influences that Bronnie has experienced throughout her travels, as well as series of photos exploring a beach home with a sprinkling of Turkish touches, three meter high antique Spanish door, 18th century hand-carved trunks, Greek artefacts and pages more of texture-rich, personality-full rooms. 

enjoy the journey

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In her fifth book, The Meaning of Home: A Place to Belong, interior designer and author, Bronnie Masefau, explores how the spaces we live in contribute to and craft our lives. 

This book will help you to create a home that inspires and enhances your life. 


We've recently doubled the size of our Entrepreneur Development Centre in Sydney which will hold over 100 staff to better support Australia's largest community of entrepreneurs. 

We speak with Bronnie Masefau who was the creative lead on the interior design, about what inspires her to do the work that she does, and her vision for what this space would be like. 

Mama Creatives

 Mama Creatives presents Bronnie Masefau, interior designer, author, creative entrepreneur

Creative Design

Bronnie Masefau is an international interior designer and the best selling author of four books. 2013 NEW BOOK RELEASE-' inspiring through creative design' get your copy NOW 

Bronnie Masefau Design Consultancy (part 1) 

Bronnie Masefau Design Consultancy (part 2)

Bronnie's Philosphy

Bronnie shares her many experiences in a very practical way. The joy of coming home to a relaxing loving environment is what we all yearn for, and what Bronnie promotes through her design and inspirational advise. 

Bronnie's philosophy focuses on the ability to create the backdrop for such events.